Abstraction: What is it?

ab·strac·tion [ab-strak-shuh n] –noun

1. an abstract or general idea or term.
2. the act of considering something as a general quality or characteristic, apart from concrete realities, specific objects,or actual instances.
3. an impractical idea; something visionary and unrealistic.

Dictionary.com’s definition of the word abstraction definitely describes my approach to the series Abstraction. “What is that,” is the question I often hear when someone sees one of these pieces for the first time. Usually I make them really look at it and give me their best guess. Rarely does anyone figure it out right away, but it’s fun to hear some of the answers! In fact a few of the answers have inspired me in the creation of new photographs.

The Abstraction series was inspired by the thick icicles that form on the side of my home during winter. Shortly after dawn one cold morning, I looked out a bedroom window to see the first rays of sunlight streaming through a bank of icicles. I noticed that each icicle was unique in formation and if you looked closely enough, you could see different bubble structures inside them. This got me wondering, what if you could really see the bubbles? Would they look different if they were larger? What if you added color?

I began to experiment with an icicle broken off from the house but didn’t like the results. So instead of hunting larger icicles, I decided to make my own chunks of ice. Each ice block created is unique, depending on how it is made, with different bubble patterns, shapes, and levels of clarity. Every block made was fascinating and inspiring, which led to new color combinations, new techniques for manipulating and photographing the ice, and, of course, new blocks of ice! Once the weather cools down, my freezer will once again be stuffed with pans and bowls of ice and new pieces of this series will be added. Until then, please enjoy a refreshing break from the heat with a few of my favorite “Abstractions”!
"On The Inside"

"On The Inside"








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